Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Mama said breakfast was the most important meal of the day.  Although some experts disagree with Mama, I’m going with Mama on this one!  According to some experts, you eat when you are hungry, not because it is mealtime.  While I agree with the experts to a certain degree, I’m still eating breakfast.  When I don’t eat breakfast, I spend most of my morning thinking about it.

Growing up, Mom cooked breakfast and we sat down at the table every morning.  Well, life for me is a little different.  I’m usually eating my breakfast while finishing up last minute tasks before running out the door.  For me, breakfast is usually quick and on the run. 

Several years ago, I discovered frozen waffles.  They come in several varieties, including, multigrain, chocolate chip, and buttermilk.   They make an excellent base for breakfast.  I usually top mine with peanut butter and bananas or cream cheese and fresh fruit.  In about 5 minutes, I’ve got breakfast.  And then I am ready for the world.

Additional Resources for Quick Breakfast

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