Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Won ton Wrappers – To Make Ravioli – Who Knew?

I have a few resources that give recipes for using won ton wrappers to make ravioli. Well, I am not one to turn down a good idea. I thought I would give it a try. After all, I had some leftover ricotta cheese from another project. And I am also not one to throw away good food. So I found what I believed was a good recipe and got to work.

Here’s my recipe for easy low-fat cheese ravioli:

¾ cup part-skim ricotta cheese
¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese
¼ cup fresh basil, chopped
1 large egg
1 garlic clove, minced
Pinch of ground nutmeg
24 won ton wrappers

1. Mix ricotta cheese, Parmesan cheese, basil (or basil pesto), egg, garlic, and nutmeg. Place 1 rounded teaspoon of filling in center of wrapper. Brush edge of wrapper with water. Fold wrapper in half, press to remove air and seal the ravioli. Transfer ravioli to baking sheet. (Line baking sheet with plastic or wax paper. It makes taking off a lot easier.) Cover with a damp paper towel until ready to cook.

2. Most recipes say to cook the ravioli in a large pot of boiling water. However, I find it easier to cook them in a large skillet, something with a large bottom. Add about 2 teaspoons of salt to 6 to 8 cups water and bring to a boil. Carefully add ravioli. Cook until ravioli are just tender, stirring gently, about 3 minutes. When you can see the filling through the wrapper, they are done. Using slotted spoon, transfer ravioli to bowls. Serve with the sauce of your choice. Sprinkle each with ½ tablespoon Parmesan cheese and serve.

I have just completed my first batch of won ton ravioli. And yes, ravioli can be successfully made using won ton wrappers. After all, won ton wrappers are egg pasta that has been rolled and cut, just like ravioli dough. Won ton wrappers work great for stuffing.

Making ravioli with won ton wrappers was fun (yes, I’m a little different). It was a relatively easy process. The filling can be done ahead of time and refrigerated. When you are ready to fill, set up an assembly line and go for it! My only suggestion would be to not overfill or you won’t be able to seal them.

I discussed making ravioli with one of my colleagues. She explained that she thought her kids would like to make them because they like to fill things. So if you have kids that are interested in food, give ravioli making a try.

I hope you enjoy the process!

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